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We would really like to play some golf here in Florida - there are many beautiful courses - but we have struggled to find one that is affordable. The last time we were here, we didn't play at all. There is an educational golf center connected with the park where we are camping, so we took advantage of its three hole course. It sounds like it would be boring to play the same three holes over again, but they are skillfully arranged with a variety of tee boxes and fairways at various distances and angles from the green. Each time we went around, we could tee off somewhere new and have a different experience. And there was always a lake along one side of the hole, sucking in our mishits with a big splash. If we were here longer, it could be fun to take advantage of the lessons and clinics that are offered here. Lord knows, I could use the help!

We also found an affordable way to have a great meal out - Groupon. We have taken advantage of Groupon at home. Each day the website sends out a half price offer, often to restaurants but they could be for other activities and experiences as well. Instead of getting offers for the Chicago area, Ken changed our location and found a $50 Groupon that cost $25 for a Brazilian steak house. The salad bar was superb, but of course the main reason people go to Braziian steakhouses is for the meat. Gauchos walk around with various grilled meat on skewers and serve samples until you signal that you've had enough by turning the green token on your table over to the red side. The Groupon took us to a new town - Delray Beach - and we were impressed by the vitality of its restaurant area which was quite busy, especially for a Monday night. Now we'll have to find a Groupon for the Gulf coast where we're headed next.

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