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Must have a campfire for effect, you know.



One day the Woods were calling, so went for a drive out Hwy 26. Had never been this way before, so did a little exploring, and found a Ranger Station both at Sandy and at Zigzag, which had maps and such. The guy at Zigzag told me about the Sandy River trail, so went there first. Since I was totally unfamiliar with this territory – which is quite expansive – this seemed like a good trail to try, as it was easily accessible and followed the river, which is always a nice feature.

As with many of the trails in this region, this one was also identified as several miles long – in this case 14 miles. Obviously, I wasn’t going that far, so walked for 2 or 3 miles before turning back. I’ve always enjoyed being out in the woods and nature, so this was a nice reprieve from the newly found city life, as well as a welcome notion that there were accessible natural areas within a short distance from “home”. This was about a 45 minute drive. The trailhead was about 5 miles off of Hwy 26, down the “Salmon River Road” at Zigzag.

The other nice thing about trails that follow rivers, is that they tend not to be too steep or climb too much. That is not always the case, but this one followed that premise, so was a nice hike.

The other interesting thing about this area, is that several of the trails – this one included – pass through Wilderness areas, which require filling out a wilderness pass at those locations. Makes you realize you are really in a rather remote area, with no amenities, no roads and not many other people. In this case, the trail passes through the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness area.

And of course, since there was a campground on the road to the trail, I had to stop there for lunch and build a campfire, which for me offers another method of relaxation and contemplation. Besides, there’s always a challenge in building a “one-match” fire.

In the end, it’s nice to know these areas are in the vicinity, as I will more than likely be out here again.

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