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Ferry Over to Peninsula de Nicoya & Paquera

Where We Stay in Montezuma

View From Deck of Pension Lucy

View (Over Bon's Head) of Montezuma

Oldest Protected Wilderness

Couple: Emily - WWF & Ed - NGO, Teach For America


Land Crabs

On the Reserve Hike Trail

We Reach The Beach!

White Faced Capuchin Monkeys

White Faced Capuchin Monkeys

White Faced Capuchin Monkey

Beautiful Butterflies

White Tail Deer

Blue Streak is Only View of Toucan




See the Eye...Its a Butterfly!

Squirrel Cuckoo

Squirrel Cuckoo

Squirrel Cuckoo, See in Center w/ Long, Broad Tail

Squirrel Cuckoo, See in Center w/ Long, Broad Tail

Tim Cools Off After Hot Hike!

Bon Cools Off After Hot Hike

Would You Believe...A Fresh Water Shower! Fannnnnntastic!

Great Curassow - Lt Ctr Pic...Large Black Bird

White Nosed Coati

White Nosed Coati

White Nosed Coati

White Nosed Coati

Magnificent Blooming Trees

Dogs Fishing at the Beach

Dogs Fishing at the Beach



Good Surf & Surfers

One of Many Surf Shops

And Surfers

Countryside Has Lots of Dairy and Cattle




























Before departing SJ we opt to go to the Pre-Columbian Gold and Costa Rican Currency Museum...a good choice, see pics.

Animal representations very common: frog, butterfly, dragonfly, lizard, chicken, armadillo, jaguars, alligators, turtles, spiders, fish, lobster, crab...bring power/prestige to wearer. The gold figures are very distinct and detailed. Very worthwhile visit.

Later the bus to Puntarenas is late getting in so we miss the connection w/ the ferry by 20 min...next one at 5 pm. Met Mario Zingo who was an AFS student in Ft Atkinson in 1967. He showed us his HS yearbook, he had the most entries, remembered everything, an experience of a lifetime for him...very extroverted w/ 9 kids, having had 3 wives, his youngest is 6 - Mario is 62!

Ferry to Paquera arr 6:30pm, then a bus to Montezuma arr 8;15 at top of hill...another smaller bus down the steep hill to actual beach town by 8:30. Jammed w/ young people/tourists/surfers? Just a really crowded 3 to 4 block scene and end of paved road. I found Pencion/Hotel Lucy about 500 m 'out' of town on ocean. Got a room w/ shared bath 1100C ($22 US) and fan - a must in this humidity/heat! Everything is pricey here...meals $6 to $10 US each for soup or pasta. El Sano Banano is where we eat all our meals...they show movies in eve...Social Club and The Cove.


Day trip to oldest protected wilderness, Cabo Blanco, which started the ball rolling in 1963. In the 50's a Danish/Swedish couple Karen Morgenson & Olaf Wessburg were shocked by the destruction of rainforest so they set about protecting it. Tragically, Olaf was murdered in 1975 defending the conservation campaign. We have a great hike 9 km round trip to beach and back...see pics.

Cabo Blanco Reserve

"The “godparents” of the Costa Rican park movement were aspiring fruit farmers, Karen Morgenson and Olof “Nick” Wessberg, who landed in the Nicoya Peninsula on Costa Rica’s northwest Pacific coast in 1955. They settled in Montezuma because of its quiet natural beauty and the fact that they were living next to one of the last wilderness areas on the peninsula, Cabo Blanco (White Cape). When it became endangered, Olof and Karen’s worldwide campaign provided funding for Cabo Blanco’s purchase and donation as a park to Costa Rica. Tragically, Olof was senselessly murdered on the Osa Peninsula where the couple worked on the environmental effort that would create Corcovado National Park. Karen continued as a tireless advocate for the ecology until her death in 1994. Her personal legacy is expressed in a 600-hectare/1,482-acre rivate reserve that bears her name. Stay at a primitive lodge or camp. Contact the grass roots environmental group to learn more."

From Blog About Karen Morgenson Reserve

See Great Curassow

See Coati

See Squirrel Cuckoo


Day trip to Santa Teresa, a surfing beach just past Mal Pais. 10 am bus to Paquera, then another bus to S.T. by noon. Definately a surfer town...beach, see pics, long, surf constant, not worth the day trip trouble unless you're a surfer dude or looking for a place to just cool your heals awhile...like I say, a long, long beach but no place right on the beach to just settle unless you are checked into someplace.

Missed bus from Paquera to Montezuma by 15 min...after finding out a taxi was $9 US we decided to hitch. Amazingly got a ride from 2 Americans in rental car...Jeff, who is from CO living in Orlando, FL managing the safety program for Animal World and Ivan, who works for Apple! Good chat for the 20 min ride down the hill, took us all the way to Pencion Lucy. I think they travel at a diff level than we...altho we found out Lucy was filled, they left quite soon after ckg place out. Just a week long vacation so probably $ is not a big problem, ha!

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