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Stony Creek Resort Stuart's Draft, Va

East bound I-64; West bound separated by thick foliage

Mama's stylish manicure

Look at the nail art

Mama sporting a new hair cut

Maddie & Katie

Used "new" toy

NM hydroplane boat flipping


Fooled you didn't I? You probably do not recall, the 5th wheel sits on a property the Howell family refers to as "the golf course". Not only is the view pleasing to the eye but accommodating. Corky's Dad arranged hook-ups prior to last years summer arrival. Speaking of summer...our minds have certainly gone on day pass status as the hot and humid weather are here. At 0900 it is 77.3 degrees with 72% humidity! I just love it-NOT! If there were no family and friends located here, I would not be on the east coast. The concentration of people/vehicles and humidity are a killer for us full timers!

Reconnecting with family and friends made for a very good week. I was especially excited to see the grand kids and my daughter, Amy's, pregnant tummy! Our parents feel more comfortable when we're around. I went to NC where I took Mama out for a haircut. The assisted living does a marvelous job of keeping the resides well groomed. Did you notice Mama's fancy manicure? She is tickled by the nail art!

Grand kids make your heart swell with love. After picking them up at school, we went for Slurpee's and then a dip in their backyard pool. Daughter, Mary Ellen, is busy engaging her artsy/craftsy self for Amy's baby shower. I wonder where she got all that talent-not from me!

Every year one gets a little wiser. Our duplex in Suffolk will serve as a mental health facility-ha! Being accustomed to moving around, it is a nice change of venue for us. Corky and sister, Lynn will be moving mountains this summer...their folks are moving to an assisted living community. Their responsibilities cover many categories! The "outlaws" will lay low unless called upon-ha!

You know it didn't take long for boat racing to re-enter Corky's bloodstream. Scott designs, builds, repairs and drives hydroplane boats in addition to being a master woodworker with Amadas industries(million dollar coaches). Celebrating the completion of underside work is called a boat flippin(turning the boat right side up) party complete with picnic fixins.

You can imagine the fun we had reuniting with boat racers! The plan is to post a weekly journal; tune in next week!

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