We had a lot of construction on the drive today..

Whacky Worm from a carnival, we passed some unusual things today...:-)

Driving through Austin in the rain...

Driving through San Antonio was easier than Austin...

We stopped at a beautiful picnic area for lunch..

We passed five windmill turbine arms on the way too..:-)

Another view..

Our site at Wilderness Lakes RV Resort..

We will be relaxing here and bird watching for a few days..

Last one, we had awesome Texas barbecue here...

We had another long drive today, about 300 miles. We ran into a lot of construction and rain, but all went well. We drove through Austin, Texas in the rain, it is a huge and beautiful city. It had much more traffic than expected but was still a pretty easy drive. Next, we drove through San Antonio, we thought it would be a busy traffic area for sure, it was a breeze. :-)

We passed some unusual things on the drive. First, we watched a carnival pass with all sorts of equipment. I added a picture of Whacky Worm, he was adorable. :-) Next, we stopped for a lunch break and passed five huge turbine arms. Most unusual day of driving, it certainly kept us entertained.

We arrived at the Wilderness Lake RV Resort about six in the evening and are all set up. They have three lakes on the property and lots of wildlife and birds. We will be enjoying this beautiful park for the next few days before heading on to Padre Island. Check back later for more from Texas.

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