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For some time I have ended my journal entries with the optimistic, “I can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store”.

That is fine but the truth is that most days, especially when we are not on the road, or sightseeing, our days are fairly routine for a couple living the full time RV lifestyle.

The adventure for us actually began last night when we slept on those inflatable camping mattresses. I’ll be kind and say that I hope it is only for two or three more nights!

The main problem with these things is that they are fine until you roll to one side or the other. At that point the side of the mattress just caves in and allows you to roll right out of bed. They are fine as long as you lay perfectly still. I purchased one of those high mattresses. The ones which appear to have a “box springs” under the mattress part. Ha! That design is simply to lull you into a false sense of security. Then when you roll over, you have a greater distance to fall.

When I laid my tired body on that thing, it felt as if I were trying to sleep on a huge balloon.

Buying that thing was mistake number one.

Marilyn had told me that we had a nice warm blanket stored under the bed, but I was covered by a souvenir blanket we had purchased in Estes Park, Colorado. It was warm and I didn’t need another blanket. After all, this is an adventure. Right!

I finally managed to fall asleep covered only by that short, thin, throw blanket. That was mistake number two!

I had a window open and the fan running. Mistakes number three and four!

Man it was cold when I awoke around 4:00 AM. I laid there as long as I could stand it, hoping that Marilyn would also feel cold and get up to turn the furnace on, or that I would fall back to sleep and stop shivering.


I finally got out of bed, turned the fan off, closed the window and turned the furnace on.

It only took five minutes more for me to stop shivering!

Marilyn was sleeping on her little “huggy” mattress, downstairs and was covered with a sheet and a huge, downy, comforter. She was as snug as a bug, etc.

Later, after two cups of hot coffee, we decided to drive into town for a good hot breakfast.

We were in no hurry to leave for Howe, Indiana, because we planned to stop somewhere along the way and spend the night, and besides, it was still dark outdoors.

It was nearly daylight by the time we finished breakfast and returned to the RV.

As we returned to the RV, we saw a fabulous sunrise with the sky a brilliant red orange color. We wished that we had our camera!

I remarked to Marilyn, that old adage, “Red sky at Morning, Sailor take Warning”. She laughed and remarked that the sky was more orange than red.

Inside the RV I helped Marilyn with one chore or another and then went outdoors to get things ready to hit the road.

Rain! I can’t believe it! It had begun to rain while we were inside for only a few minutes.

I hurried to get things done as the rain increased to a downpour.

By the time we were ready to roll, the rain had slacked off to a steady “drenching” mode and I was soaking wet.

Hey, this is a fun adventure!!

It continued to rain on us, mostly a light rain, with a few periods of heavier rain, just to remind us that choosing to wait to start our day would have done no good.

It rained on us off and on, all the way to the border of Indiana.

We watched for a campground or RV park where we could stay for the night, and finally called our friends, Kit & Jerry, who are familiar with the part of Indiana we were in at the time.

Jerry was looking at a map to find a place for us and we asked how far to Shipshewana. He replied that it was only about 100 miles. Hey, two more hours!

I drove along country roads lined with neatly kept farms, corn ready for the pickers, and soy bean fields.

Finally I asked Marilyn to put our final destination of Grandview RV park at Howe, Indiana, into the GPS. “Eppy” informed us that it would take only 45 minutes more to go all the way today.

We saw many Horse & Buggy, Amish people along the highway as we neared our destination.

After a drive of 433 miles in 8 hours and 15 minutes, we arrived, having averaged 10.2 mpg for the trip.

We backed into a nice, grassy, tree shaded site and connected the electric and water. No sewer hookups here.

We met some nice folks set up next door. They are from Ontario, Canada. The other couple we met spends their winter at the sister resort of the one we stay in, down in the Rio Grande Valley.

We ate some left-overs for dinner and watched an hour of TV before calling it a day. It was time for me to go wrestle that mattress again. Sigh…….

Tomorrow we’ll just relax and take it easy, waiting for our friends, Jesse & Ginger to arrive.

Then we’ll see what adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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