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Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter in law, with my son &...

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of you. Great day for Mexico. Winning their independence from Spain. Always a good day to celebrate with mariachi music and margaritas.

Also, it is my daughter in law (Kim's) birthday. Happy Birthday sweetie, we love you.

I woke up today in such pain and decided that this wasn't right. Called the doctor and they squeezed me in at 4 p.m. to see what is going on. The first thing they did was take an x-ray and ta da...both legs measure the same. Whew, wipe that one off my forehead. But, when he cut into the leg an separated the muscles and ligaments so he could put the new hip in, I developed inflammation in the ligament from the hip to the thigh, which is what is causing the intense pain when trying to stand or walk. Got anti-inflammatories for that, so now things should get better. Oh,my gosh..my attitude is better too. Yey! Now that I know what it is and know it can be easily fixed I am a happy girl.

While driving home we had the 60's station on the radio and there was a song called "Click Clack" by the...ready....Dicky Doo and the Dont's. Looked them up and by george, they had a few "hits". Dicky Doo & the Dont's

Boy, what a difference a day makes!!!!

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