Us at the Butterfly Palace in Branson..

Our special toast was much appreciated.. :-)


It is hard to believe, even for us, but today marks 48 awesome years of marriage. Wowser! Thanks a million for all the notes, calls and congratulations we received. A very special thank you to Lindsay, Jerry, Barb and Greg for sending us a picture of a special toast for us. That was awesome!

We decided to spend our time this year in Louisiana. We didn't really plan anything special, our gift for both of us was a new computer. The one we had was so old and tiny, it was about to crash. We got a 23" Gateway OneTouch. It is incredible!

We had a wonderful day together exploring Shreveport and eating out. We will be back on the road soon. Our next update will be from somewhere in Texas. Check back later for more.

NOTE: Our Sprint service is very slow here, more pictures will be added later.

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