We stopped for BBQ here..

I did NOT like where we had to park... :-)

The BBQ was worth it.. :-)


Bet you can't eat this one..

Houston, TX

Horrible traffic...

Arriving Galveston...





Our site in Galveston..

Last one!

We had a VERY long drive today, it was over 300 miles. We normally do not drive that many miles in one day, but I figured the mileage wrong and had made reservations. Yikes! The drive was fine until we got caught in traffic in Houston, Texas. We drove like snails for over an hour. They had a major crash somewhere ahead of us, causing one of the lanes to be closed. What made it worse was the driver ahead of us, he would leave about 7 car lengths in front of him while he texted on his phone and let a ton of cars in front of us. It took all the prayers I had to keep me from getting out of the car and saying a few words to this driver. :-)

We were so delayed we arrived in Galveston at dark and had to back into our site in the dark. Then, we found our battery was dead in the car. Something must have been left on. Another Yikes!

Anyway, we are here safe and sound and have a lot of exploring to do. We slept with our windows open last night with sounds of the ocean. That made up for a VERY bad travel day.

Check back later for more from Galveston.

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