We are in Texas..:-)

Cool Texas welcome...

A painted horse in the field.. :-)



Loved this Cowboy Church...

Last one!

We have been hearing so much on the news in Shreveport about the Ark-La-Tex, it got our attention. I did a Google search and found it so interesting, we decided to drive to Marshall, Texas, just so we could see where the states intersect. :-) The towns near the junction didn't have a lot to see, but I got a few photos anyway. I will add them later when I get better Sprint service. We will be leaving in the morning heading to the Texas Coast. I am pasting information about the Ark-La-Tex below:

The Ark-La-Tex (also known as Arklatex, ArkLaTex, or more inclusively Arklatexoma) is a U.S. socio-economic region where Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma intersect. The region contains portions of Northwest Louisiana, Northeast Texas, South Arkansas, and the Little Dixie area of Oklahoma.

The region is centered on the Shreveport/Bossier metropolitan area in Northwest Louisiana, although Marshall in Northeast Texas, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and both Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas retain a large degree of autonomy. Most of the region is located in the Piney Woods, an ecoregion of dense forest of mixed deciduous and conifer flora. The forests are periodically punctuated by sloughs and bayous that are linked to larger bodies of water such as Caddo Lake or the Red River. Although it is not an official US metropolitan area it has a total population of 1,043,570. Its largest city is Shreveport, Louisiana with Tyler, Texas in second and Longview, Texas in third.

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