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It rained half the day when we were in Malaga two weeks ago. We eyeballed some spots in town that we would still like to visit, secure in the thought that we would be back today. It's sunny in Malaga 300 days/year. Sadly, it rained again all day today. It alternated between a constant rain and a driving rain. We left for the tapas tour as planned and our guide did his best to make it fun. He looked for spots under roof when he wanted to explain things. We went to a castle on a hill that could have been a beautiful view of the city and our ship docked in the harbor. I was grateful I could at least see our ship through the raindrops. I got distracted by all the people on our tour who must have never looked out the window before they left the ship. They wore flip flops and shorts and had no umbrellas. I was comfortable wearing fleece, a rain coat and using an umbrella. Even so my feet were soaked by the time we got back to the ship.

As we have learned tapas can be a small plate of just about anything edible. Our first stop was for Russian salad, a mayo heavy potato salad with vegetables added and a shrimp on top. The second stop we had a Spanish omelette, again heavy on potato. The final stop was a small plate of paella. Of course, wine was poured in every establishment. The Spanish are proud of their wine and justifiably so.

We have done a good job of visiting southern Spain, but sure felt badly for our fellow passengers for whom this was their only stop after a moist departure from Barcelona. The array of small shops in there terminal building were mobbed by people who wanted to buy a souvenir of this rather unmemorable day. Wet laundry is draped all over our cabin and probably everyone else's.

The evening started with a Broadway caliber performance of Hairspray. Even though it was only ninety minutes long, the plot held together well and the performers sang and danced with aplomb even as we moved through the swells. The new technology on this ship used video screens that looked so real, I was never sure if we were looking at more traditional scenery or computer magic. We left the theater coated with confetti, which was shot over us at the grand finale.

After that we had our second BOGO dinner at the seafood restaurant Hooked on Seafood. I wanted to try everything on the menu. Having oysters on the half shell as an appetizer was a treat I never afford myself. The whole main lobster prepared so I could eat it without a bib, was a hit as well. Once again the service was very, very slow even though it was not nearly as crowded as last night's. Perhaps I am not used to gracious living. Dinner and a show - mighty nice!

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