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Carpes boondocking on BLM land north of Quartzsite

Fri, 06 Nov: KaChing!!!

We were up early (pre bright, in fact, pre sunrise) this morning. We warmed up some tea and got the coach ready to go in for service. Since the water heater is partially accessed thru the bedroom closet Bob had to clear that out... Watta guy!

They rolled Carpe into the service bay a few minutes after eight and we took off in the car for breakfast at The Black Bear Diner. We very much enjoy these Diners and try to visit whenever we're nearby. This morning's breakfast was, as usual, excellent!

Following breakfast we visited the Verizon store to learn more about a service upgrade offer we'd received. We're currently using a shared data plan that provides 15 GB of data per month. We generally use most of that allotment, and often have to delay updates and such when we get too close to our limit.

Verizon offered an upgrade to 18 GB/month with no increase in our monthly rate. It sounded too good to be true so we wanted to check. Sure enough, there is no change in our monthly fee to upgrade, so we now have an 18 GB/month plan. Yea for small favors...

Then back to 3Ts to wait for Carpe. They made good time and a bit after eleven they finished up. Carpe came out of the shop and our charge card got a major "Ka-Ching". But, we now have hot water and we're both looking forward to tonite's showers.

We got the car hooked up and left 3Ts about half past eleven. Once past Lake Havasu City's many, many red lites we headed south on AZ 95. A few miles south of town we pulled into a convenient scenic pullout for a quick lunch. Then south thru Parker Dam, Parker, to Quartzsite. We are currently boondocking on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land a few miles north of town.

We'll spend the nite here and continue back to Casa Grande in the morning. It's about 180 miles pretty much 100% on Interstates. Once we get parked on our site tomorrow that should be the end of RV travels for 2015. We still have travel plans, but more about those come December.

Today's drive was a short 70 miles with a fuel economy of 7½ mpg.

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