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Early this morning Karen took me to Clinical Pathology Labs in Kyle to have blood drawn, as ordered by Dr. Byrd. There were about a dozen people already there but we didn’t have an excessively long wait.

After we returned home and had breakfast, John and Karen went to some friends’ house to mow their grass. The wife is in the hospital, so the husband needed some help.

I called Time Warner Cable to see whether they would put my cable service on hold retroactively to July 1 (when I had my second back surgery). I have been in Kyle ever since the surgery so, of course, my cable service has not been in use. The customer service representative told me that she couldn’t do it, but I asked her to transfer me to a supervisor to see whether that person could do it and – yeah!! – she could do so. She manually applied credits to both my July and August bills. She gave me her direct number and told me to call her when I am ready to have the service reactivated. She told me that she had had back surgery herself so she knows how I feel.

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