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This is the oddest Christmas Eve I have ever spent. Went to Auto Zone for a lug nut puller, played Bingo, stayed and had a discussion about the hiking club mafia who is ruthlessly recruiting anyone who appears to be able to walk upright. Had my palm read by a resident here in the park " who wanted the practise." Now for some reason my husband is forcing me to watch an infomercial for 1950's country music.

Today every chore I tried to complete required another job ,usually some sort of clean up. The shower head and the kitchen sink sprayer both needed to be soaked in CLR. Which I did, then went to pour the rest of the solution down the shower head hose. That lead to spilling it all over the bathroom sink and floor. The bathroom is now as clean as it's ever been. Needed to clean out the cupboard over the toilet. It has over the counter medicine, bar soap, q-tips, medicine cabinet stuff. That endeavor ended with me putting on rubber gloves because I should have put the lid down on the commode. I wish the palm reader had told me to take the day off and finish reading my Grisham book.

We'll soon to on the road again and this will return to a travel journal. Enjoy your holiday.

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