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7am leaving Dakar the camera was fogged from the chamge from air...

Aminah and some of the group


the cows have right of way

the old and the new

lots of pony drawn carts



typical streetside scene




My new group is pretty good nearly all have travelled more than me and all but one have done previous Overlanding. A few have been in Africa a lot but this trip is the first since the 80's to venture into a lot of the areas we are visiting. We have Bev 70 very English - think Patsy from Ab Fab was a hostie out of Beruit in the 60's and is quite well off travels extensively and you will know her in any of my pictures look for the very smart looking lady with white hair. Then Vilma South African, her son lives on the Esplanade opposite Star of the Sea and she visits quite often so we will be having coffee in January. Will reminds me of Lee Mack the comedian, Inga is a large German girl, Hollie is American but sounds Irish after living there for 10 years.

The others are Michael and Rob, American, Tom, German, Jody and Ken Canadians, and my Aussie friends Ant, Chris and Abraham.

It is certainly different here from anything I have previously experienced, firstly it is hot steamy hot much worse than the Americas and little or no respite

Our first day on the road and our first experience of the new truck. Much smaller than my old trucks but good leg room and we are not full so there is always the possibility of a double seat.

Drove out through Dakar very busy and very big, past dirty streets lots of donkeys, goats and horses and of course people every where.

Our first stop was a photo opportunitynofmthe whole group then in Mbour for cook group shopping. Visited a huge unfinished mosque and the man who is doing the inside decoration by ha d with 4 others showed us around . Then through Tiadiage to Kaolack a true s...hole where some of the group vwntured into the market looking for edible food or just bread!

Stopped on the side of the road for lunch which went well tho we did loose a chair they aren't very sturdy and Inga is quite large so she and Ant are relegated to the old stools.

Our evening stop was in an old gravel pit red dirt but secluded and no locals to worry about overnight. Still very hot so set up our chairs and decided to wait for a while before putting up then tents.....lightening a fair way a away still hot... time to erect tents ... rain rain heavy rain. By the time we had the tents up we were soaked to the bone but still it was hot so no one cared. The rain eventually stopped and we had to dry a few of the tents out mud everywhere. Had what I expect will be the first of many pasta dishes and settled in for theupnight. Sharing with Jodie - 65 Canadian also snores.

Left a couple of things on the tent to dry but they ended up wetter than before as the dew was very heavy. Also had our first fire which was good for drying a few things out.

Up at 6 after not a lot of sleep and headed for the border stopped a few times by either he drug officers the police or the army sometimes one after the other most are I think bored and are just

interested in having a look at the truck and us. We are a bit of a novelty in this area. The border exit was OK just a lot of waiting and havignthe staff asking our names where we are from and of course our phone numbers and emails - Mustaffia is going to send me a local tee shirt when I get home!!!

Going into The Gambia was equally slow but OK and we eventually drove on.

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