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The Royal Palace Museum

Wat of the palace

Flashy interior of the Wat

A day of sight seeing around the historic town of Louang Prabang (LP)in excessive heat and blazing sun. We should have started earlier as by 10am it was steaming and we were sweating before we even got to the Royal Palace, only a ten minute walk from our GH. The Royal Palace didn't look very grand espcially when compared to those in Bangkok and Phnom Penh but the interior was very interesting and is preserved to show how the palace looked during the monarchial reign. The bedrooms of the King, Queen and and their children are on show and Anna was definetly eyeing up the huge wardrobe used by the Queen. Other rooms exhibited gifts from foreign nations to the Lao royal family, and thrones and funeral procession items were also on display. A good museum always starts a day off well.

For the rest of the day we walked around the sleepy streets of LP taking in various wats and temples and absorbing the atmosphere of this attractive town. Although it seems quiet, a short walk out of the historic quarter proves how strong this attraction is as there are many western travellers populating the old streets now kitted out with trendy bars, internet cafes and gift stores. We are just two of the foreign tourists so we are to blame as well but there seem to be more foreigners than locals here and before long this once ancient town will be swamped with travellers. The upside of course is quick internet connection, fruit shakes available at every corner, english news and other travellers to talk to. The town still has loads of appeal though and reminds us slightly of Lijiang with its maze of streets and alleys linking up the town and its collection of old temples, housing and the glorious backdrop of rolling hills and a meandering Mekong make it all the more special.

For our tea we got back into the routine of buying street food and bought some lovely scewered pork and sticky rice and egg local delicacies.

Day 76 complete

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