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Typical Tim & iPod-mania

Bon's Day Pack & Stuff(On Left)...Later Stolen In Peru

Up and to bus at 7 am...only said bye to Monica who was up when we left. It was only 10C to road crossing to border, bus passing to border was 20C and by 8:45 we were in Costa Rica, w/ bus tickets to San Jose ($10 US) which left at 9:30. Border crossing was only confusing because there are no signs, no real directions that are clear. Bus is more like an old Greyhound not the Blue Bird chicken buses. Sunny and hot/humid as usual.

Stayed first nite at Casa Ridgway-Friends Peace Ctr, but changed to Costa Rica Backpackers Hostel, less expensive and more travellers. We find that what makes this town work here in the center of city is the walking mall 6 to 8 blocks long or more in cross street directions. We walked it probably 20 times during our stay...looking for camera, iPod, stuff...


We set out to visit Dr Mac, guy who fixes computers esp Apples...not there but had an iPod for $251 US. Lady there did not know if it would be poss to transfer all info one to the other. Left and went to San Pedro mall looking for camera, movie, etc. Ran into an Apple store and my addiction took over...an hour+ later I had another one for $300 US and they did transfer old music, etc. Now whatever happens I can get replacement wherever there is an Apple store. Tim happy, Bon not since I just ignored her...my behavior is just like an addict! So now I am going to look closely at my self w.r.t. this!


Out to find UPS office, girl at hostel very helpful. On the way we stop at Canon repair store and 2 hours later Bon has her camera (SD 1100IS Canon), a case and 4 GB card for probably same as shipping something from US! Bon is happy, a beautiful pink, just what she wanted! NOT! Ha! But all part of the 'deal', so no trip to UPS, and we head for the Nat'l Museum. Entry for locals is $4 US, tourists is $7 US. Well, so much for museum and off we go to a movie for cheaper and in this case probably more entertaining. If it had been just $5 we would have gone to the museum. Really a shame they price everything so differently for tourists/foreigners.

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