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Here it comes!

Beverly Shores stop

Who's the "old man"?


Flowers, trees, & sidewalk cafes

Diesel idling limited to 3 minutes! Fine

Chicago pizza

Lunch spot

Tulips galore


Top Chef cook-off audience


Entrance to Lake Michigan

Lakeshore Drive park

Magnificent Mile sky line

Grant Park entrance

The BP Bridge

Oddly configured band shell

The Pavilion with lawn seating in foreground(seats at stage level)

This week-end's fest

AT&T's reflecting cloud "the bean"


Images of Chicagoans spouting water into a reflecting pool

EXHILARATING!!! A small trading post established at the mouth of the Chicago River has turned into a city of seventy seven distinct neighborhoods. September, 2008 we crawled out from under a toadstool to discover the most inviting city we've visited. The purpose of this trip was to refine the overwhelming magnitude of what we experienced on the first trip! That meant revisiting previously toured areas; drinking in the overlooked details. It will take years to experience the city to completion. Anticipation...

The train, a way of life for the locals, was a childlike experience for us undignified travelers. The Dunes are roughly 50 miles east of Chicago. It was amazing to see the city empty at 5:00PM. Trains packed with office employees, disembarking to commuter parking lots after a ride lasting 1 1/2 hours! Imagine 8 hours time on the job, an average of 3 hours total commute, only to get home to be faced with household chores, ie prepare supper-ugh!

Before our full time RV'ing began, we learned from Bill & Helen to stop at the Visitor's Center first. Millenium Park is the end of the line and exits at one of the two visitor's centers. Maps, tours, suggestions are readily available-expedient use of one's time. Our feet took us throughout the Loop area and Magnificent Mile. Chicagoans are open, friendly, hospitable. Are y'all sure you aren't Southerners? Just can't boast loudly enough. Both visits support our opinion of the city. Notwithstanding is its beauty! Architecture, sculptures, sidewalk gardens, parks, extreme cleanliness, and on and on the city compliments go. The point is visit Chicago; you will be pleasantly surprised.

It's a rainy, cool day. With books in hand and more cups of coffee than we need, we are nested in our recliners!!

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