Rear end dual Koni shocks, Roadmaster extra heavy sway bar

Another specialty Trac Bar, by Henderson on the rear end

Up front a new heavy duty Roadmaster sway stabilizer

Up front another super duty Koni shock

AND the Safety T-Plus steering system. .

We pulled into the Apalachee RV Center

It’s a medium size repair facility

We park in the site

Since it’s our home, they lock us in for the night and...

They furnish great WiFi Dave updates the journal

Ok, Okay here’s the skinny. When you buy, paying lots and lots of money for your new home on wheels, know they don’t drive like your car or pick up sitting in your drive way. I mean after all, it’s a big heavy box, in our case 24,000 lbs on the well built Ford frame. It’s that “top heaviness” that causes your $89K to $400K unit to drive wonky. When you arrive to a seminar titled “White Knuckles and Wind Storms” and there’s standing room only, many, many people are having drivability issues. In flying terms, pitch, roll and yaw are the issues. After reading an article in a recent FMCA magazine about a company, Henderson’s Line-up RV Center in Grants Pass, OR that has solutions for just such handling issues, we knew we’d like to get them to perform some magic on our home. Sure enough at the recent FMCA Rally in Perry, we came across the company, Henderson’s Line-up and their southern partner Apalachee RV Center. At one of the seminars, Bob Henderson said he has a 35 foot Tiffin and put the aftermarket parts they’d engineered on it and now it corners flat with little sway and all the other hinderances gone. First, we had Bob Henderson come to our coach and make an analysis as to what we needed. On Bob’s suggestion, we contacted Tracy at the Apalachee RV booth to schedule their crew to put all the parts on our unit. So, we learned that all the parts were available on site, we scheduled our coach for the next morning.

When we picked up our Tiffin to take it back to the site, all we could say was WOW ! WOW! It drove phenomenal. Later, when we departed the rally on our way to Augusta, our amazement turned to giddiness on the open road in the back country highways. There was two things, Apalachee RV guys could not perform, so we made an appointment with their facility in Auburn, GA. One item was a front end alignment, the other to correct the steering wheel line up.

So that’s the back ground of why we’re here. Another thing occurred too, they’re able to help out. When we left Perry, we noticed a lot of water flowing on the floor out from the kitchen cabinets. Initially we thought maybe just rain water from the slide out or something like that occurring. Then in Augusta, the same thing happened. Dave couldn’t find anything obvious leaking. When we pulled into Apalachee RV, the technician checking us in noticed water dripping from under the kitchen. We gave the ok for them to check it out and advise us. The tech said it was a leak caused by a tweaked hose behind the wall, on the side of one of the furnaces, under the refrigerator. It would be about 2 1/2 hours to fix, $134 per hour to fix. So roughly about $350. Dave, seeing the situation, called the warranty department at Tiffin to get the “Okay” for them to pay for the fix. Mind you, our coach is OUT OF WARRANTY, but TIFFIN gave the approval to pay for it. THAT is why, we bought TIFFIN, their reputation for after the purchase care is nothing short of phenomenal.

So, now we have a 24,000 lb box that drives like a large pick up and no water leaks. The after market parts that have been applied worked their wonders on this frame for stability and steering. The parts come to us after years of engineering. However, when one of the engineers says to you, I’ve got a unit just like yours come drive it, it’ll make a believer out of you. We’ve seen the video of how flat it corners and what little effect passing truck winds have on the coach.

Bottom line is this: we recommend Henderson’s Line-up, Grants Pass, OR who engineers and produces parts to help coaches drive better. When in the south, call Apalachee RV Center for all your RV concerns, they’re not far off I-85 north of Atlanta near Auburn, GA. Apalachee will apply the Henderson parts to your coach. It’s a 5 star service center making us feel involved and comfy while they worked on the coach.

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