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Once again, we pulled out of the Campground at 8:20 AM.

For the next 5 hours we drove steadily toward Hannibal, MO.

The day began with fog, occasional mist and solid overcast skies. By the time we were 50 miles or so north of Kansas City, we began to see some breaks in the clouds and finally some blue skies.

The temperatures were no hotter than we are used to from our summer in Colorado, but the high humidity sucked the energy out of us. We are used to much lower humidity in the mountains, so this 80 to 90 percent and more, humidity is uncomfortable to us.

Jennifer was as anxious to see us as we were to see her and Colby, as she called us four times during our journey today. Each time she asked the same question, “Where are you now?”

We didn’t even stop for a bite to eat and arrived at 1:17 PM.

We were greeted by Linda, Sherry and Gretchen, then Joe, John, Jamie and Chuck stopped to say “hello” and “welcome back.”

Fran and Roy stopped at different times to greet us.

We were mostly set up when Jennifer and Colby arrived. Big hugs all around followed.

Jennifer stopped to pick up hamburgers for us so we all sat outdoors at the picnic table to share a late lunch.

I continued to complete set-up jobs while visiting with Jennifer and playing with Colby.

By 5:30, Jennifer and Colby were on their way home and Marilyn & I had found a comfortable place in our recliners, to rest for awhile.

Marilyn & I are going to keep Colby with us tomorrow, so we’ll be up early to meet Jennifer at the hospital parking lot.

In any case, we’ll have a shower, put on our PJ’s and settle down to watch a little TV this evening.

We know that tomorrow will have some adventures because we’ll be in the company of that handsome little guy named Colby. Perhaps he will want to help his “PaPa” clean the truck.

In any case, it will be morning before we discover what adventures that day has in store…..

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