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The name of the city translates as "look at the peaks"





That afternoon we got our bus to Chefchaouen which is known for being cute (all the buildings are whitewashed with different shades of blue doors), cool (it's in the mountains) and hassle free (according to Lonely Planet). Of course, as soon as we got off the bus we were immediately hassled by people wanting to guide us around, although it was relatively cool and the doors were indeed blue.

We were staying for two whole nights so I had a vision of the cute room I wanted with windows overlooking the mountains, etc. Unfortunately, maybe other people read lonely planet, too, so the room selection was not that great. We finally settled on a little room in a nice, clean hotel with a really nicely tiled interior courtyard. No window though. The hotel did have a roof terrace that overlooked the town and mountains. The town is also supposedly famous for use of marijuana by locals and visitors, so from the roof terrace I could see some people engaging in this past time, although not at the levels suggested by the book. We basically did nothing here, just hung out, I slept a lot, Charlie sped read a book he found at the hotel and took a lot more pictures of doors. Although we first weren't impressed with the town because we got hassled there more than in the supposed hassle capital Tangier, it slowly grew on us and turned out to be a very nice stop. [Yes, Lonely Planet did too good of a job selling this place as a lovely and easy going alternative to other more touristy places. I kid you not. Everywhere else the vast majority of the tourists were French, here all of them were English speaking and were holding a copy of LP in their hands. So the city was a bit over flooded with us and it was hard to identify that its atmosphere came not from a make over by the Disney corporation but was the real deal. At the end of it we came to the conclusion that it was genuine-Charlie]

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