Jimmy's on the Pier...


The fishing pier was packed..








The seawall...

Another cool area for fishing..

The walk goes for miles...

Last one!

We are enjoying our stay in Galveston, it is wonderful to see the ocean again. We had lunch today at Jimmy's, it is located on a huge pier with people fishing all the way to the end. After our awesome seafood, we drove down Seawall Boulevard. We love this area of Galveston.

They are having several Mardi Gras events this week, with music and parades and more, even dogs dressed for Mardi Gras. We saw a bit of it on our drive and may go back for the doggie event at least. :-)

We also visited a beautiful state park in the area. We bought a Texas pass where you can visit all parks in Texas for free, you even get to fish in their parks with this pass, both salt water and fresh water fishing. The pass was $70 for a year. It includes coupons with 50% off camping too. What a deal!

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check back later for more from Texas.

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