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Wow, what a day! We'd planned to repack our basement today, get the truck washed & fueled, top off the propane tanks and finish a couple of other pre-travel day chores. It certainly worked out quite differently!

Larry & Larry spent a day building a couple of new pantry shelves for the kitchen. They were narrow and stationary and I really wanted them to be pullouts. The actual 'box drawer/pantry shelves' came out great! And, I was finally able to locate the Euro style locking rails needed to finish the job so after they arrived (by mail) they spent a couple of hours getting them installed for me yesterday. Apparently it's not as easy as it looks getting everything square & level but finally, success!

Then today as Larry was getting ready to leave with the truck I 'discovered' a large water puddle under the kitchen sink. It's a good thing I was reorganizing or it might have turned into a real disaster. The shelf was very wet & very warped. We blotted it up as best we could, put a fan on it to help it finish drying and Larry repaired the leaking faucet. He thought he got it so he left. Not long after I discovered it was still leaking so my small appliances are scattered all about. I reorganized all the kitchen drawers while he was gone, shampooed the living room carpet & area rug and did 4 loads of laundry. Whew....I'm stiff & sore now! After dinner this evening he worked on it again and we believe it's repaired this time. I sure hope so, I hate water leaks, don't you? And, since the cabinet is still not quite dry enough to 'reload' it, our departure might be slightly delayed in the morning. A minor inconvenience for me, a real pain for Larry. He hates plumbing, lol. He'll take electrical over it any day!!!

I guess we will rearrange the basement later in the week. We have an appointment to get both our generator & the turbo on our truck worked on Wednesday morning. So there's no time to dally. We need to arrive in Phoenix around 4pm on Tuesday. Hopefully all will go well on our drive. You could say a little prayer for us if you don't mind. We really need the turbo hose to hang on just 2 more days!!!!

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