Getting ready to catch the big one...



He is a happy fisherman....:-)

Last one!

Jerry is a very happy fisherman, he caught the big one. He snagged a 24” drum, it weighed about 10 pounds. I wish I had been with him to take pictures when he pulled it in, but I missed this one. I did manage to get a few when he brought it home.

He cleaned it carefully and we called Bobby to learn how to filet it. We also watched videos online so we could actually SEE it being done. I decided to do the fileting, all was going well, I had a nice big piece ready when I noticed worms in the flesh. Yikes! This one had to be tossed out, the gulls loved it at least.

We had already planned our blackened fish for dinner and had to make hamburgers instead. We read online and found that drum are really bad about worms when they get big, that a lot of them have worm problems. We will be tossing all the drums back into the water and fishing for trout and flounder from now on. Well, at least he caught a big one and enjoyed every minute of pulling him in. :-)

I hope you enjoy seeing his catch. Check back later for more from Texas.

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