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When you're on a cruise ship you don't need much of an excuse to have a party. When the ship is at sea and there are no other distractions, it becomes a primary focus. Some passengers who haven't been on the road as long as we have, brought costumes and Halloween decorations for their cabin doors. Around the ship the staff has been busy all day putting up spook-tacular decorations including a balloon drop hung over our heads. About 200 passengers brought elaborate costumes. I would have needed an extra suitcase for some of them. The group costumes were especially fun: Fred Flintstone et al, the Wizard of Oz group, a family of Invincibles. After they paraded around, the rest of us voted for the best costume and the orange and black balloons poured down. The Adams Family from Spain, complete with a hand that walked on the deck in front of them were the big costume winners.

The captain does a daily video production complete with his weather maps and he showed us that we are lucky to have pretty much escaped Hurricane Oscar, which is headed toward northern Europe. We're glad we're not taking the northern route home this year as we have in the past. The captain has turned us south a bit sooner than the optimal route and aded 70 miles to the sail to avoid Oscar, but even so we are still feeling swells which caused the cancellation of today's performance of Hairspray and the Aqua Show outside. He promises warmer temps and blue skies tomorrow as we put Oscar in the rear view mirror.

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