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Carpe at 3Ts in Lake Havasu City

Thu, 05 Nov: Back on the road again...

An unplanned trip back to Lake Havasu City. We thought we'd be finished travelling for 2015 but our bad water heater has put a kibosh on that. As previously mentioned, our slight water system noise, which we thought was an inexpensive check valve, turned out to be an expensive water heater. Three Ts didn't have one in stock so we have to head back now that it has arrived.

But, a quick update of our medical visits earlier in the week. Our dentist visit for teeth cleaning and examinations was 50/50. Sandi came out OK but Bob has a couple of bum fillings that'll require rework. That's scheduled for next week.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Sandi had an appointment at Mayo Scottsdale for an eye exam. Her eyesight is unchanged (good) but her interocular pressure is edging up (not good). She has an appointment next week for a procedure to reduce that pressure. This is somewhat normal as the body attempts to heal the surgically-induced vents so they have to be re-opened. It sounds worse than it is, but any time someone takes a sharp object to your eye it is a concern.

After the eye visit we drove to the Costco in Chandler where Sandi surrendered her hearing aids for some factory service. The right one has been acting up since she's had it; changing programs, volume, etc. The one-year warranty expires on the seventh, so this is the time to get it done. It'll take a week or so and she misses them already.

Which brings us to today. We got the coach ready for the road and rolled wheels about 0945. Our route was a repeat of last week (26 Oct): I 8 west to I 8 Bus to AZ 85 north to I 10 west to Vicksburg Rd north to AZ 72 west to AZ 95 north. We pulled into 3Ts a quarter till four and got settled into their customer parking pad.

Today's drive was 247 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8¼ mpg.

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