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Lately I have spent considerable time trying to find a place to dispose of my sharps container. That’s the red medical waste disposal box for my used needles that I use for my daily injection of my osteoporosis drug. They’re not supposed to be placed with regular trash. I never dreamed it would be so difficult an undertaking.

What seems strange (and unfair) is that the doctor who prescribed the drug will not accept the used sharps container from his own patient. It’s not as though I have a container full of sharps to dispose of every week! It has taken me over a year to fill this one. They told me that CVS or Walgreens would do it, but that is no longer true.

The mail-order pharmacy that supplies the drug and related items told me that the fire department or an emergency room would do it. Again, this is not necessarily so. This morning I stopped at a nearby emergency room and was told that they could not do it; but the two women at the front desk both called several places. One of them finally talked to the fire chief in West Lake Hills and he agreed to take it one time only and then try to find a regular drop-off site for next time.

This afternoon I finally got around to buying another vacuum cleaner. I got a Dirt Devil Model UD20005 Easy Lite Cyclone Quick Vac at Target. (Some of the names the manufacturers give their products make them sound like real powerhouses!) I needed one small enough to fit my space, which obviously limits my choices. It works pretty well and it’s certainly better than crawling around on my knees to use a hand vac, in any case.

While I was pushing my shopping cart to my car it suddenly stopped moving. I thought maybe something had stuck on a wheel and was checking it out. A man who had just driven up saw me and came to help. There was nothing stuck to the wheel but he couldn’t get it to move either; so he just picked up the front end of the cart and pulled it to my car. He even helped me unload my things and then took the cart back into the store. Weird!!

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