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AUGUST 30 - AUGUST 31, 2017

Wednesday brought us another beautiful day. Our first stop was the I-80 Truckers Museum. This is a free museum near Wolcott, Iowa. It is adjacent to the I-80 Truck Stop which is billed as the Largest Truck Stop in the World! Tom really enjoyed himself. We found the museum impressive with the exhibits very professionally presented. LeClaire, IA was the next destination. Antique Archeology is home to "The American Pickers" collection. The site consists of the original garage where Mike and Frank started their business. It is mainly a display area for a sampling of the items "picked" on their show, with high price tags or "not for sale" tags. A newer building is stocked with plenty of souveniers for sale and some vintage items for ambiance. This is in a residential section of town so on street parking is all that's available.

LeClaire is a very pretty and welcoming town on the banks of the Mississippi River. The downtown buildings have been renovated and house many local shops, restaurants, a winery, a brewery and a distillery. You can also experience a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi or visit the Buffalo Bill Mueseum. Since we were thirsty we made a stop on our exploration of the town at Wide River Tasting Room. The vineyard is north of town along the River. They make some mighty fine wine! The vinter is a lawyer - it shows in the wine names - Ms. DeMeanor, Double Jeopardy, White Collar Crime . . .

Had to give equal time to Tom's preferences. A bit further down the block we found the Green Tree Brewery. Catchy names were again on tap - Doc's Blondie, Hop Along Casually, Buffalo Spit (tagline - If you can drool, you can drink spit). On a side street we found The Shameless Chocoholic - a bit on the pricey side. Chocolate was $24.99/lb. We bought 4 pieces . . . good but we still prefer Coblentz Chocolates.

Leaving LeClaire we turned our buggy south heading for home. Stopped for the night at Normal, near Bloomington, IL. Found a very nice Panera Bread for dinner then settled in at the Walmart. Two other rigs also spent the night.

Thursday was a push day home. We stopped at the Richmond Camping World to dump the tanks. There we found a door clip to replace the one lost when side-swiped by the mysterious black vehicle.

We pulled into the driveway at 5:30 PM. Glad to be home but talked about ideas for our next adventure on the way home . The odometer turned over 75,000 miles just west of Indianapolis. It read 18,000 when purchased in November, 2013. We have enjoyed every mile and made great memories.

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