California, Oregon, & Washington 2010 travel blog

We drove home from Frisco, Texas on Wednesday but decided to stay in Johnson City for the night. This would allow us to arrive home about mid day with the rest of the day to unpack the RV. Also to deal with the water leak we had. Fortunately the water leak was in our sprinkler system so I just closed the valve connecting the sprinkler to the main water line--no more leaks and I can have water the house. I will fix the sprinkler later. On this trip we towed the RV approximately 6076 miles and stayed in 33 different RV parks. All the parks were nice well mostly nice--our most frustrating issue with most parks was the free wifi--yes it was mostly free but it was also mostly not available. RV parks need to realize that long term RVers like us depend on our wifi to connect to our families, pay bills, figure out what to do in an area--in short is is very important to us. All total we were on the road 92 days and drove approximately 11,500 miles (this included towing the RV). We used our truck for transportation when Micheal and Andrea went with us to visit places. It was not unusual for us to drive 200 miles in a day to see a National Park or Monument--most are not located near RV parks. We visited 25 National Parks and Monuments. We really enjoy our nations best work! Each one of the Parks or Monuments were unique even though some were fairly close together. We visited them in all kinds of weather--some warm, some cool, and some sunny and one rainy--the Hoh Rain Forest! We also visited several state parks such as the one at Cannon Beach, Oregon with the haystack formations. There were lots of local museums and all were great. The lighthouses on the Pacific Coast were a special treat that kept us coming back for more after seeing each one. Our travels with Micheal and Andrea Farmer could not have been better--more new and wonderful friends for future travels. Along the way, we visited friends we have had for many years. This really makes a trip special to visit with those people who are your friends. This includes our daughter and son-in-law--Wendy and Jason Cotting in Salt Lake City and our son David with his girls--Skylar, Brayden, and Rowyn--in Frisco, Texas. We realized after being on the Pacific Coast for almost 8 weeks we missed all the hot, humid weather in Texas for the summer. In fact we took to many warm weather clothes because the Pacific Coast had a summer that never arrived according to the locals--cool all the time.

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