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The report from my ophthalmologist this morning was a mixed bag, but mostly encouraging. There was no charge for this visit.

My latest eyeglasses prescription is still appropriate. The mid-range prescription in my new glasses is just too narrow. That’s why I have to crane my neck in order to read the computer screen. That’s the nature of progressive lenses.

The discouraging news was that there is no cure or “fix” for the scarring caused by the virus in my left cornea. I asked him if it could be smoothed with a laser. He explained that the scars are not a rough scar but are more like a milky cloudiness. It developed when the virus caused an auto-immune type reaction as a result of the original infection on the surface of the cornea. The fluid changed composition. He didn’t see the need to put me back on the steroidal eye drops.

He explained that the sudden blurring of my vision is caused by dry eyes, another “gift” of advancing age. He said that the computer glasses should help in this regard because I won’t have to stare in order to read the screen. He also gave me two samples of artificial tears.

After my doctor’s visit, I stopped at Precision Camera to buy a monopod with feet. The three feet are stored inside the monopod and can be screwed into the bottom or close to the top to form a very low tripod. It has a swiveling head, which is very handy. It came in a carrying case with a strap. The camera mount has two sizes of screws. I think I’ll really like it. It will be much more convenient than my cumbersome tripods. I also bought a new battery charger with four batteries. My old charger is too out of date to handle the new batteries without memory. I also bought a small camera bag that I can use when I don’t want to carry my purse.

Then I went back to Pearle Vision to order my computer glasses. They should be ready in a week or so. I wasn’t charged for this second pair because of their two-for-the-price-of-one deal in effect when I first went to them. I had not ordered the second pair at my first visit.

By the time I had finished all these errands I was quite hungry, so I stopped at Schlotzsky’s to get a pizza. Yummy! I brought half of it home for tonight.

Late this afternoon we had a nice rain. There were a few loud claps of thunder. The temperature cooled down into the mid-70s. Nice!

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