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We drove about 4 hours up to the next seaside resort town of Zavora. Most of the roads were good, but then we hit a patch of around 60 KMs of potholes that left us both feeling like we'd just played hours of the video game asteroids. Some of the holes were probably knee-deep and as big as tractor tires! John and I had agreed (or I'd insisted, truth-be-told) there was to be no more "helpful driving tips" given unless we were in imminent danger. Given that there was plenty of danger, a temporary lift was placed on the "backseat driver ban" as we both kept careful watch on what was coming up, whether cars ahead were swerving, and whether we had any option but to slow down to a near standstill to get through the minefield of potholes.

On the sandy road to Zavora we came across a stalled truck. Turned out they were having engine trouble so John gave them a tow. We couldn't believe our little truck could pull their big one full of people on slippery, dirt roads, but it did! Good truck. Go Toyota!

We had heard that Zavora was a place where we could get a beachfront campsite with a view we'd been dreaming about. We soon learned that not only was it South African school holidays, but there was a 5-day fishing competition on in the area, to boot. Needless to say, no beachfront campsite was to be had so we decided to move on (also the wind was picking up making any possibility of SCUBA diving a non-option).

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