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Napping in the sun

He/she is aware of us

Brick streets remain on most roads


City Hall's other side

Stately old homes


Anthony Thornton vs A Lincoln 1856 debate


Rubbing medalions

6'x8' Debate Painting hangs in the courtroom


Diner in Courthouse Square

Amish parking garage downtown Arthur

Visitor's Center Arthur


Springfield, Il

Waiting amongst the school tours for ours to start

Lincoln's ORIGINIAL desk

Rear of his home

Side view

Preserved surrounding neighborhood

More neighbors


Occasionally one is reminded one is part of the herd. And so goes the scheduled warranty appointment. While waiting for time to pass, we have settled at Lake Shelbyville in Illinois. We can take advantage of this time by satisfying domestic chores, routine maintenance, etc. Indiana Dunes, near Chicago, was tugging at us; however, the better decision was to "light" near Decatur, Illinois.

Shelbyville has welcomed us warmly. Being here for a week allowed us to frequent the services of local businesses and pursue "looking for Lincoln". We've read and interacted with the sculptures, storyboards, plaques, paintings, and restored areas in relationship to the life of Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln came to Illinois as a circuit lawyer, traveling 600 miles twice a year on the 8th Judicial Circuit to 16 counties. While we were looking and reading, an attorney from across the street introduced himself. He went out of his way to suggest our best method of sightseeing. We even received a personal e-mail from him! Thank you, kind sir, for your hospitality. We learned of Lincoln's honesty, compassion, and down to earth interactions.

Central Illinois is the heart of the farming community. A pleasant Amish gentleman, volunteering at the Visitor's Center, directed us to lunch at Yoder's Kitchen. It satisfied our hunger for a home cooked meal! Springfield brings history to life through the many historic attractions where Lincoln lived and worked. In the Lincoln neighborhood, neighbors of yesteryear come to life. I'm embarrassed to say much of Honest Abe's life was unknown to me. The fact of the matter is there is more than we can see in one day.

Corky's mom has a HIGH SCHOOL girlfriend living in Illinois!! After speaking with Mildred, she insists we join her for lunch to visit with Claudia's "baby boy"! Connecting with her will be a priority.

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