They have a nice parking lot close to the bridge..

You put a quarter toll in to enter Mexico..

Loved this sign..:-)


Nice, covered walkway..

View of the Rio Grande from the bridge..


Jerry showing the middle of the two countries..

About to walk through customs on the Mexican side..

A lot of people drive in...

Jerry carrying my huge bag for me..:-)

They have hundreds of dentist and pharmacies...

Lots of doctors and more...

We had a great lunch and listened to live music..

Dancing too...:-)

Next, we shopped till we dropped..:-)

They have very low prices...

When it started to pour, we headed back over the bridge to...

Last one..we had a great day and loved it..

We had a wonderful day, we went on a day trip to Mexico. We drove about 65 miles to Weslaco, Texas and then took highway 1015 directly into Neuro Progress Mexico. This is a very popular Mexican town with South Texans and snowbirds visiting the area in the winter. This was our first trip into this part of Mexico, we loved it.

We parked our car in a parking lot right next to the bridge for $2 a day. We walked across the bridge, taking pictures of the Rio Grande River in the middle of the bridge. You can walk right into Mexico without showing a passport or anything, we did need the passport to re-enter the United States though.

We wanted to stay longer than we did but the weather would not participate with us, it rained cats and dogs and flooded some of the streets. We still did a lot of shopping and had an awesome lunch for only $5.95. We brought half of it home with us too. I got two of my meds filled in their pharmacy, the exact same medicine for only $5 for three months supply. The same meds at Walmart are $58 for three months. Unreal prices and the people are wonderful to you. We met a nice man in the restaurant, he asked if we would be sure to ask for him everytime we return. His name is Louis and he pronounced it more like Louise. He really appreciated our tip. :-)

We had a wonderful time and hope we have the time to make another trip back later. I took as many pictures as I could in between all the rain and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more.

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