We pull up to the ranger station and check in

We have been here before and like it.

Be sure to drive slow in RV parks, we suggest 1st gear

The park has brooks and creeks

Our site 86, backed up to a trickling brook

We have a wooden deck

One of the several lakes and ponds

Rebecca confers with the activities mgr

Rebecca reflects on the surrounding beauty

Rebecca says, “commune with Nature”.

Dave, changes our water filters every 2 months, it was that time....

The first filter jug had a lot of junk in it. That...

We also had to trade out our house batteries, they had died...

We bought real good, strong batteries. It was easy to switch out...

Once we got the final check out of our steering and suspension, we departed by getting to I-85 and headed north through South Carolina. Once got well into North Carolina at Gastonia we turned northwest on Hwy 321 to our destination near the town in Lenoir. Our 258 mile drive over, we quickly check-in and find a site. Site 86 is a nice site which backs up to a babbling brook. We note that this is our 450th stop in our 11 years of RV’ing. Wow...

We were here 10 years ago, stop number 87, we liked it then and we like this little place now. The park is nestled in the crook of two valleys with merging brooks and creeks, large stands of hardwood forests with mixed pines making homes to many species of birds.

While here for three weeks, there are only a couple things we’d like to tour and see. One item of note is the Linville Caverns just a few miles to our west.

NOTE: it is the first of the month of April, it is time to change out our water filters. Dave changes them out on the even numbered months, April being the 4th month. See the pictures you’ll be surprised. If you’re an RV’r and use the little blue in line filters, in our estimation they aren’t enough to take out the stuff that’ll make you sick or perhaps put you in the hospital. The little blue filters are really only good for about a month. NOT the 6 months listed. Water filters should be 5 micron to filter out cysts, bacteria, giardiasis and most chemical molecules. This time of the year, when parks are just opening up from being dormant in the winter months, imagine water sitting in the pipes all that time, brewing and stewing and breeding who knows what... Before you hook up your hose let the water run free for at least a minute AND use at least one 5 micron filter, we use two stages, for water safety.

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