The Nazi “Colosseum” fashioned after the one in Rome

The Colosseum

Stadium podium where he addressed 70k students

We lock in our headsets to our guides Lollipop

Castle bridge




Overlooking the city from the Castle

About the Castle

Restored buildings after the war

Look lovely at the corner of this building

Beautiful artwork every where you look...

A bronze map of the old city.

Gothic St. Sebald Church

Gothic Schoner Brunnen

Closeup of the Shoner Brunnen

St. Sebald Church

Old Government office building

Details of building entry

Details of buidling

That is the coffee shop on the corner, great Gingerbread, strudel

Nice view down the canal

The canal.

Toy-Making to Nazi Rallies -- We toured one of Germany’s most renowned and intriguing cities on this excursion. We met our guide at our ship, then were driven by coach to the Old Town where we learned about Nuremberg’s complex past. This medieval city is still surrounded by 13th-century walls, with many gates and watchtowers still fully intact. It grew into a toy-making capital of Europe where craftsmen also shaped metal into inspiring sculpture and carved wood and other materials into decorative crafts. Afterward, we saw the Zepplin Field which were the grounds where Nazi rallies were staged for 100,000 cheering students. Later, we drove passed the Palace of Justice, and admired the Imperial Palace, one of Europe’s most formidable fortresses. Then we strolled down the castle hill past half-timbered houses and browsed the stalls at the Market Square. One of Europe’s most celebrated, it is famous for its gingerbread and its Gothic Schoner Brunnen, or Beautiful Fountain. Afterward, there was plenty of time to explore on our own here. We found a nice out of the way coffee house and relaxed.

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