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Great old French colonial architecture



Feeling rejuvenated we headed to our next destination, Chefchaouen, in the Rif Mountains. However, the bus schedule was not cooperating so instead we took a train to Tangier first. We hadn't planned to go to Tangier because the book called it the "hassle capital" of Morocco and that was pretty scary considering we had been hassled quite a bit everywhere else. We were pleasantly surprised, though. It seemed like a pretty cosmopolitan, although slightly seedy city. Also, they spoke more Spanish than French so my very limited Spanish finally came in handy. We stayed at a little hotel that according to our guidebook was visited by Jack Keroauc and Allan Ginsberg and where William Burroughs wrote the Naked Lunch (I've never heard of that, but I'm just throwing that in for any of you that have). The luminous light also inspired painters and Matisse has some famous ones he did there like "view from my window in Tangier" or something like that. The morning light was very pretty and silvery and the straight of Gilbraltar was also picturesque, although it was too hazy to catch a glimpse of Spain. [Only a brief comment to mention how pleasant Tangier was.-Charlie]

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