Houston Rodeo at Reliant Park..


We took the tram from the parking was a long way..

Huge food after seemed like miles.. :-)


Lots of food to choose from...

They have huge Texas size portions too..:-)




Check out the size of these grills..

Jerry could not help himself, he had to do it...:-)

Moving on to the carnival part..

This little fella was working hard..




My favorite show..

It was so packed we had to stand and watch...

This one liked me a lot..:-)

The first one about to start..

He stayed on for a few seconds ..

No one stayed on long, poor kids..


Next...we watched the camel rides and wild animals..


Hooty the owl...

A sloth..

And a baby kangaroo..

So cute..

More cuties...

Heading back to the car, we were tired and ready to rest..

More food, everything is fried here...:-)




Last one... their mama said I made their day taking this picture..

We drove back to Houston again today, this time for the "Mutton Bustin" part of the rodeo and the carnival. It was cool watching 8 year olds try to stay on bucking sheep for 8 seconds, most of them fell off as soon as they passed the gate. I tried to get good pictures but it was all a blur, they came out and fell off in seconds. The place was packed and we could not even find a seat, we stood where the sheep were fenced and one of them kept coming up to me to have his head rubbed. He sure seemed much calmer and sweeter than the ones the kids rode on. They tossed those kids off and ran around bucking just like bulls. :-) It was cool to see and we highly recommend if you are ever near Houston for this huge rodeo.

The carnival part of the show was incredible too. I have never seen so much food in one place, we had a lot to choose from and still ended up having simple BBQ sandwiches on jalepeno bread. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, also called RodeoHouston is the world's largest live entertainment and livestock exhibition. It has been held at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, since 2003. It was previously held in the Astrodome. In 2011, attendance reached a record high of 2,262,834 people requiring more than 24,000 volunteers, it is huge!

The event is 20 days long. It is kicked off with the Downtown Rodeo parade..see earlier update from Houston for more about the parade, I added over 80 pictures from that one. The show features championship rodeo action, livestock competitions, concerts, a carnival, pig racing, barbecue and the Rodeo Uncorked and more. There is something to do during this 20 day event for everyone. We will probably go back for at least one more.

Check back later for more from Texas.

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