We saw lots of turtles too..

A new birding friend...



Birds everywhere...


A very close view..




Viewing area.. they have several..

Birds on the nest..



We watched this one putting the twig in the nest...






Last one!

We spent another day birding, this time at the Rookery at Smith Oaks in High Island. Jerry is going to have a very hard time getting me to leave Texas with all the birds I am seeing. :-) I keep thinking each one of the bird refuges we visit is the best ever, and then I keep finding better ones. Now I understand all the bird talk about Texas, it is a birding paradise.

I could not even count how many spoonbills we saw today, it was so many. Just one of my pictures had at least 30 in it. We also saw birds building nests, mating, males dancing to impress the females etc. We watched them fight over twigs for nest building. We spoke with a local that had a HUGE camera with him, he said this was only the beginning, that many more will be visiting and breeding here soon. It is one of the favorite roosting and nesting areas in this part of Texas.

Here is a paste of info from Smith Oaks website: The U-shaped island in the middle of Claybottom Pond at Smith Oaks has become a favored roosting and nesting place for thousands of waterbirds. In the spring and summer herons, egrets, cormorants and spoonbills build their nests and raise their chicks on the predator-free island. Visitors to the sanctuary are able to get a good, close look at the home life of these beautiful birds throughout the breeding season. All year long the island is also used as a night roost by the same species of birds that nest here. They appreciate having a safe place to spend the night that is close to the marshes where they feed. End of Paste

We will definitely be going back for more. My pictures are a lot better today, I took my zoom camera this time. :-) I also saw several new songbirds for my bird list including a Blackburnian Warbler. Incredible! Check back later for more from Texas.

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