The beach area is way too busy for us right now...:-)


We decided to check out the old historic district instead...

This beautiful area is known as "The Strand"...




















Last one!

We took the ferry back to Galveston today, this time for a hair appointment and to stock up on groceries at Walmart. Galveston is loaded with people with so much happening in the area for spring break. We heard on the news that more than 500,000 visitors have arrived in the area, breaking records for Houston’s Rodeo and Galveston beaches. We could hardly find a parking place in town on the beach side, so we headed to Strand Historic area for a bit of touring.

Galveston is home to six historic districts with over 60 structures listed representing architectural significance in the National Register of Historic Places. The Silk Stocking National Historic District, located between Broadway and Seawall Boulevard and bounded by Ave. K, 23rd St., Ave. P, and 26th St., contains a collection of historic homes constructed from the Civil War through World War II. The East End Historic District, located on both sides of Broadway and Market Streets, contains 463 buildings. Other districts include Cedar Lawn Historic District, Denver Court Historic District and Fort Travis.

The Strand National Historic Landmark District is a National Historic Landmark District of mainly Victorian era buildings that now house restaurants, antique stores, historical exhibits, museums and art galleries. The area is a major tourist attraction for the island city and also plays host to two very popular seasonal festivals. It is widely considered the island's shopping and entertainment center. Today, "the Strand" is generally used to refer to the entire five-block business district between 20th and 25th streets in downtown Galveston, very close to the city's wharf. Throughout the 19th century, the port city of Galveston grew rapidly and the Strand was considered the region's primary business center. For a time, the Strand was known as the "Wall Street of the South”.

This is a very popular area for shopping for all the cruise ship passengers too. It is also where all of the major events are held for the city, especially Mardi Gras events. We loved seeing all the amazing old homes and businesses in the area. I took a lot of pictures and hope you enjoy seeing this area as much as we did. Check back later for more from Texas.

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