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Today was a good day. At noon everybody sang “Happy birthday” to me and Judy gave me a card that nearly everyone had signed. I also received several cards in the mail.

After lunch I joined the musical jam session for the first time. As usual, I didn’t know most of the songs that the other musicians played and sang; but I was able to join in on two of them. I also played three piano solos. Several people told me that I did well. There are usually 8-10 musicians in the group.

After the jam session Jan Smith came over to help me repair my black and green Cherokee medallion necklace or, rather, I helped her a little bit. She did all the work. It turned out well and I’m happy to be able to wear it again.

Tonight Nina Dobyns took me to dinner at Florida’s Restaurant. The place looks shabby but the food was very good. They are famous for their ribs, and people come from as far away as Houston to eat there.

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