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Our new satellite system was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Since we had only seen the UPS truck in the afternoon, we went for our usual walk, only to come home to part of our system sitting on the picnic table. It was the receiver. But no Dish Playmaker. I waited around for the rest of the day, but never did get another delivery.

So today, I said I would hang around until the truck came to see if the rest of my order was on it. Don was just getting ready to go for a walk without me when I saw the truck, so he got on his bike and went over to talk to the driver. And sure enough, there it was. It took us a while, but we finally got it set up and the receiver hooked up. I called in to get it activated and was told that they would send a new card, as the one that came with the receiver was outdated. He also said that because of that we would probably still be missing some of our channels. We played with it for a while and still do not have any local channels or even some we had before on just the one satellite. And we think that they still have not set us up on the receiver we have now, or the other one did not get disconnected correctly. Anyway, I will wait for the new card to arrive, then have them troubleshoot the system for me again.

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