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Carpes enjoy their "home turf" at RoVer's Roost

Carpe and her new "neighbor"
At the Freightliner Service Center you never know...

Driving thru the Gila River Reservation south of Phoenix

Fri, 30 Oct: An easy day's drive home...

After getting up at 0600 several days this week it was nice not to set the alarm. Alas, when parked at a major truck service facility it isn't quiet very long in the morning. As a result we were up a bit after 0700, but an hour is an hour.

Yesterday's service went very well. This was a major service that included changing the engine oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid, and several other changes. Carpe received a complete and thorough inspection and lube. After seven hours in the service bay she emerged with a mostly clean bill of health. There are a few items we'll be dealing with in future years, but for now she's ready to go.

We spent most of the day in the lounge except for breakfast (at The Black Bear Diner) and lunch (Taco Bell) and some shoe shopping for Bob. Carpe came out amidst a torrential downpour as some major storm cells blew thru the Phoenix Metro. Lightening, thunder, hi winds, the works. Bob braved the elements and did the outside work while Sandi stayed inside. Watta Guy!

Once awake this morning we had a relaxing breakfast and started thru our check lists. After a major service we like to double check that all is OK so we checked all fluid levels, tire pressures, etc. Bob finally rolled wheels a few minutes before ten.

In the past we've driven on Interstate 10 west thru Phoenix and then to Casa Grande. We do not care for the drive thru Phoenix so this time we decided to try something different.

From Freightliner we headed south on 99th street to N. Broadway and then east to 51st Street. South on 51st took us thru the Gila River Reservation where 51st bends to the east as Briggs Road. North of Maricopa Briggs Road crosses I 10 which we joined eastbound to Casa Grande. The route doesn't save any distance and has many lites and stop signs. It is, however, mostly rural with virtually no traffic. Thus, and this is a biggie, Bob's blood pressure stayed in the green.

We stopped at the Casa Grande Sam's Club for a diesel fill ("only" $2.119/gallon) and then on to I 8 west to Montgomery Road and RoVer's Roost. We arrived a few minutes after noon having logged 79 miles with a fuel economy just shy of eight mpg.

We'll remain here at RoVer's Roost till Thursday when we'll probably head back to 3Ts at Lake Havasu City to have a new hot water heater installed. That's still tentative so stay tuned...

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