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the road goes on forever

Lunch stop

Giant Ant

Camp site at Cobar

Now in Cobar we are still on the rhumb line for Taree, Carols Aunt’s status has changed to “Permanent” so I guess we will have to sort out her home and personal ‘stuff’ when we get there. Once you get made “permanent” there is no going home. Can’t do much till next week though as the accountants and Lawyers don’t work weekends.

The Cobar Van Park is under new management and the amenities blocks have been fully renovated. It has mainly “Stay Hitched” sites and since we were last here analogue TV has been turned off. We found that in Broken Hill we got better reception with the TV antenna amplifier turned off….

Check out the size of the Ants here, somehow I don’t think sprinkling Talcum Powder around would stop this one….

We spotted several Emu’s to day one with 2 chicks and heaps of Goats, goats to the left and right of us but they are smart enough to stay off the road, unlike sheep.

We stopped for lunch in a roadside rest area and I took more samples of led glit.

Onward tomorrow to Dunedoo 398km

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