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June Birthday Honorees - Janie Cummings and Ann Poole

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Bruce Woodall and Stuart Whiteside

Charlie Rose and Coco Davenport

Ethel Fitzgerald, Jack Taylor and Jeanette Lowell

Glenda Alexander, Ruth Stehling, Ann Poole and Donette Harpole

Jeanette Lowell, Ann Poole and Carolyn Chenault

Hill Country State Natural Area - Donette Harpole

Hill Country State Natural Area - Sheila Hood, Judith Gedalia, Glenda Alexander,...

Hill Country State Natural Area - Glenda Alexander on Magic

Hill Country State Natural Area - Century Plant

Hill Country State Natural Area - Flower Meadow

Hill Country State Natural Area - Small Plants and Rocks


This morning I headed out a little earlier than I normally do because I had a couple of errands to do. First, I stopped at Discount Tire to have my tires checked. They are still holding air well since installation of the valve stem extenders.

On the way there, a funny thing happened. When I looked in the mirror on the passenger side, the vehicle coming up beside me appeared to be really bouncing. As I looked closer, I realized that the little convex mirror in the bottom right-hand corner had come unstuck and was barely hanging on! At the tire store I had it glued back on with Crazy Glue. It seems to be secure.

Next on the list was a stop at Camping World in New Braunfels to get a sewer hose support, some curtain carriers and holding tank enzymes.

Even with those stops I arrived at the campground in Bandera before noon.

Alas! My day ended in a not-so-pleasant way. On the way to my rig, I tripped over a railroad tie which I didn’t see due to the darkness. This time, though, I fell onto the ground (into a nice crop of grass burs) instead of onto concrete. Even so, it gave me a large bruise and abrasion below my right knee (which hasn’t fully healed from my fall in a parking lot back in April). I just wanted to scream!!!! Carolyn Cheneault and Ann Poole helped me get up and picked off the grass burs. I put some gel and a bandage on the abrasion and used the ice bag for a while. I guess I’m going to have to stop walking around except in bright sunlight!


This morning we sat around in the conversation pit under a big oak tree behind the club house until it became too warm to be comfortable. Stuart told me that the park owners wanted to talk to me about my fall last night because they were concerned about me. They wanted to know exactly how it happened. When I told them that I had tripped over the railroad tie due to the darkness, they said that the outside light on the clubhouse should have been left on. They told me that, if I had any complications with my injuries, they wanted me to let them know. They will report the incident to their insurance company. The lady looked at my knee. I expressed appreciation for their attitude.

Tonight we had dinner at the China Bowl where we had a pleasant experience. We could actually hear each other talk! The waitress was efficient and the food was good.

After dinner we went to the Senior Center to listen to some musicians jamming. I doubt that any of them are professionals but they just enjoy getting together to play. One of the men, who seemed to be a character, did an imitation of Tiny Tim singing “Tiptoe through the Tulips” which was funny. Bruce told me that he plays Santa every year. He already has a good start on his Santa beard.


This morning Marsha (a visitor), Judith, Janie, Donette and I went to the Hill Country State Natural Area to hike. Donette and I took only a short loop trail while the other three went about four miles. Since I supposed that we would be going to a city park to walk under the trees, I didn’t even think about getting my sun hat and hiking boots and putting on sun screen. Because I have such a fair complexion, I thought it would not be wise to stay out in the sunshine very long. Besides, my back was yelling bloody murder!

Donette and I sat inside the park office and visited with the employees and some other visitors. We had a very interesting conversation. (www.tpwd.state.tx.us)

The park is eleven miles southwest of Bandera. It is in rugged terrain that is undeveloped and secluded. There are about 40 miles of primitive trails and some backcountry and equestrian camping areas. West Verde Creek runs through it. We saw plenty of evidence that they had had an abundant crop of wildflowers this spring. I’d like to visit it in the springtime when the temperatures are a little milder. This heat just saps my energy!


Route: I-35 S to New Braunfels => TX 46 W => TX 16 N

Total Miles Driven: 117

Weather Conditions: Sunny and hot

Road Conditions: Good most of the way. Some sections of road work.

RV Park: Skyline Ranch RV Park

Park Conditions: Large level pull-throughs, some trees, nice clubhouse, free Wi-Fi, very nice owners and managers

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