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On our way from Santa Ponsa to Palma for the last time

Our penultimate evening in Mallorca enjoying delicious seafood at a Palma restaurant

Belver Castle beyond Palma marina

Whimbrel ashore for repairs - we chickened out of sleeping aboard while...

Dragonfly that hitched from Palma, flying off just before we anchored for...

Unloading the last of our things from Whimbrel

After spending a final night on board Whimbrel at anchor in Santa Ponsa, we handed over the keys of the boat to the new owner on Friday 10 August and flew back to Gatwick that afternoon. It was a stressful last few days as we weren’t sure if the repairs would be completed by Thursday evening or if we would manage to pack up all our stuff by the time the removals people came to collect the boxes!

We originally set out in July 2011 with no firm plan other than to head south towards the Mediterranean and to visit lots of new places along the way. It’s been an amazing year and quite an adventure, considering how little sailing we’d done previously. We’ve had some days when we wondered what we were doing and why, usually when stuck somewhere dull waiting for the right weather or tides to carry on or, in Jane’s case, when sailing in a gale force wind and rolling up and down three metre high waves! We’ve also had some fantastic times: being accompanied by pods of dolphins, seeing a turtle swimming by the boat, a swordfish leaping out of the waves, beautiful anchorages in clear turquoise water in Menorca, lovely sailing with the sun shining and the gennaker flying and the friendliness we encountered pretty much everywhere.

After the relative freedom of the last year and the ability to move on whenever we felt like it, it is going to be strange to be living in the same place. Initially we are staying with Francis’ sister and family but we’ve found somewhere to rent in West Meon from the end of August, while we look around and decide where we want to buy – assuming we can cope with settling down!

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