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It must be rather obvious that we are enjoying retirement very much. We loved our work, but it's wonderful to spend most days doing as we wish when we wish. However, there are times that we miss the friends and acquaintances that were part of our work life. My job in particular was very people oriented. After spending eight hours talking, talking, talking, there were days when I really needed the peace and quiet that the commute home provided.

But now, especially when we are living in the motor home, days can go by when we only speak with one another. Some couples cannot handle so much togetherness. We do well, but we begin to crave speaking with someone who doesn't already know everything that we know or how we will probably react.

You wouldn't think that going to an RV show would provide much social interaction, but this weekend has shown us that over the last five years, we have developed a cyber network that could replace the water cooler conversations that we miss sometimes. The day we arrived we met for the first time a couple that had found us through this blog. We rarely find someone who likes to travel internationally and in the RV and these common interests lead Lynda to discover us. Since she and Bob will be in Sarasota while we are, we plan to spend more time together sharing travel stories.

Then we met a couple who are originally from New England, who listen to our podcast, RV Navigator. We first met them out east and they have also visited us at home. Without the podcast, we would have never found one another. Ellyn and Geoff are spending three months at our next campground and encouraged us to spend the big bucks to join them there.

As we walked around the RV show, we met Howard and Linda, whom we first interviewed on the podcast about five years ago. They are a young couple, who left the rat race life that most of us think is what is expected of us and have been full timing every since. In their website RV Dreams, they share in great detail the adjustments they made to their new life style and how they have responded to the effect the economic downturn has had on them. Some days are idyllic and some hum drum and dull - a lot like every life. They have developed a huge following of folks who would like to follow them into a full timer's life.

Then we ran into another young couple from Pennsylvania who recognized us from the podcast web page as we walked among the crowds. They were only here for the day, so a brief chat was all we had time for today.

We were looking at a small motor home and about the same time I recognized the woman's voice, her husband turned around and said, "We must have known you!" A quick dig into the memory banks and we started reminiscing about the great trip we took together in Mexico in 2005, putting our rigs on train cars and riding the Copper Canyon, followed by a challenging, spectacularly beautiful drive up the Baja peninsula.

We were taken out to dinner by yet another podcast listener, who is interested in getting feedback from as we us on a new RV oriented product that he is developing. At this point we are sworn to secrecy, but he is from our neck of the woods, so we will be seeing him again I'm sure.

And to add icing to the cake, beloved old friends from home who have known us since before we had wrinkles and gray hair have arrived to shop the RV show and perhaps join us in this sometimes all alone, sometimes friend filled life style.

Talk, talk, talk.

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