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our day 43, 30th on rt 66

moving along, we went to flagstaff's downtown, some small towns on rt66, bellemont, brannigan park, parks on a dirt road in the kebab natl forest, camping now in williams, nv - temp at 1130 22deg, warmer then last night... seems williams may have done a little bit more to keep it's 50s rt66 image but just a little and more then many other towns... again i mention how "OUR" america, those 50, and older is being demolished for upscale malls and large corporation businesses, including starbucks. you can clearly see how the fun in america in the 20-50s is no longer - the people in many of these towns, kids of the 50s gen are rude, inconsiderate and just plain uncaring cell/ipod/phone junkies spending their time em'ing... yeah i know, i'm just old! but, go figure - sorry, all my younger kids and friends!

ron & bebe

our 30th day on rt66 photos


where we were today re-google maps

old rt66 in kebab nat'l forest:


parks, az:


where we're camping, williams, az.:


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