Assos - Theatre on Medit.

180 Degrees Looking Away From Ossos Theatre - Mr, Ram

Panarama of Ossos Ruins - W.(?) Wall to Rt.

Looking E. at W. Wall - Necropolis in Foreground & to Lt....

Sm. Cafe in Village of Ossos - Overlooking Valley - Men Sitting...

One of UNESCO Signs - Troy Center of Wealth Due to Shipping...

Section of Wall Unearthed Showing Various Time Periods Built - Bottom 3rd...

View From Highest Point in Troy of Countryside to NE

Theater/Seat of Govt. in Troy - Bon Above

Some of the Urns & Piping System Found in Troy

"The Way" Road to Ephesus From Essos

More Necropolis & West Wall

Hillside Up Behind Essos

Aggora in Essos

View Inland ┬░From Essos

Map of Troy - Entrance

Mari & Covered Excavations Revealing 7+ Cities in Layers

Reproduction of Fabled Trojan Horse - Just a Little Hokey! Ha!

Earthen Jars, Plumbing Pipe - Troy

South Gate View - Troy

Forum/Counsel Meeting Place

Troy Pillors

Troy Upper Wall

Troy Remains of a Temple

Troy Palace House Description

Another View of Wall & Different Construction, Different Time Frames

Outer Wall And 'Shops' Below

From Top of Troy 'Hill' Main Path Into Town(Most Recent)

View of Wall Layers Uncovered

Cross Section Map of Troy

View of Outer Wall

'Downtown' Ossos Village Today - We Ate Supper 2nd Floor Under Tile...

Ossos Amphatheater - Up Front

Close-up Ossos Amphitheater

From Top of Hillside - Distant View of S. Wall Ossos &...


Ossos & S. Wall/Necropolis & Road to Troy

Ossos - Necropolis

Ossos - Necropolis & Road to Troy

Ossos - Looking NW at Medit

Ossos Amphatheater

Ossos Amphatheater - Looking Towards Medit (NW)

Ossos Ruins - Bon, What's This?

Arch in Ossos Ruins

Sign at South Stoa(Wall Entry)

Upper Wall(West) - Ossos

It's Greek to Me! Inscription on Ruin in Ossos

Agora Temple Sign - Ossos

Storage Jar in Ossos Ruins

View From Hill Above Ossos NE & Bridge in Distance(Medit to Left...

Left for this town on the Mediteranian...first to Izmir, a major bus terminal for travel in this area, we tried to get an early start to avoid the huge exodus from the 90th Anniversary of Anzak which would be heading south. Anzak was a battle during WWI in which the Brits were responsible for the deaths of some 80,000 Aussies and Kiwis who were sent against the Turks by the British command knowing they had no chance!! There are reportedly some 50,000 visitors to the area and since the ceremonies ended at noon today they would all be heading out, usually south(where we are) to visit other tourist sites.

From Izmir we caught a bus N. to Ossos, where Aristotle lived from 348-345BC...the village dates from 550BC but gained prominence around Aristotles time for the cultural and artisan who lived here, a large necropolis, the W. wall, parts of the Gymnasium(education center), and theater are quite visible still on the steep slopes above the Sea.

The 26th we left at 9:30 heading N. via minibus & bus from Ayvacik to Truva(Troy). We got off the bus about 5 km. from the site and hopped a taxi arr. about noon.

Troy, the famous city of the infamous horse, is a UN World Heritage Site and has a great deal of excavations to show the progress of city building/burning/reconstruction etc. over a period of some 3000 years dating from 3500BC. A facinating trip through history of the area, very well documented and signed thruout the site!

Caught the minibus to Canakkale where we stayed overnite to catch the ferry/bus N. and on to Ipsala(Turkish border town), crossed the border into Greece.

NOTE: I couldn't find a difinitive spelling for the ancient town - Assos, Ossos?! Oh well! Plus, I am a bit confused on directions, so some pics say W. for directions and others say S. for the same orientation...who knows, I could never tell one direction from another most of the time...that's why I got lost so often, ha!

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