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the entrance to Puerto Aventuras Marina

Our slip at PA Marina


When all the tourists stopped swimming these guys got bored and were...

tourists swimming with the dolphins

It was a lovely walk through the park

Entrance from the road

Area de Revision Peusto de Conrol Militaire - sounds ominous

the non-tourist side of the bridge - we bought a pop for...

few people venture over here but it was interesting and people friendly

I'm not sure what this strange creature at the marina was

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Swimming with the dolphins

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He likes me

We first stepped foot on the Mexican mainland when we stopped at Marina Peurto Aventuras, about half way between Playa del Carmen and Akumal. We filled up with diesel fuel and then took a slip for the night. PA is a 900 acre ocean front hideaway made up of a marina, hotels and condos. It is a real tourist destination with the main attraction being the swim with the dolphins program.

We watched the dolphins perform amazing tricks and swim with the tourists. At $120 US to be part of a large group of people we didn't even consider it but it was fun to watch.

We walked through the property to the roadside entrance, down the road, across a big bridge and over to the town where the Mexican people lived. There was a military roadblock on the other side of the road, the first of this type of thing we had seen. As the pictures demonstrate the difference between the two worlds, that of the tourists and of the people who live here couldn't be more extreme.

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