It was a drizzly day, we brought our own umbrella, some borrowed...

We meet our guide, a wonderful educator, teacher

As described before this is how we “link up” our head sets...

Beautiful old city

Beautiful architecture around every corner

Side of the building, previous picture


About Passau

About Passau

Looking down a neat colorful street.

In the market place.

It’s Sunday, and rainy not many people out yet.

Another view down a narrow street.

We went in to this church for Sunday service AND to hear...

Very unique place.

Museum of the Dauchshound, we paid the fee and learned all about...

The museum owners Dauchshound, Moni. So cute and well behaved

Museum owner Dauchshound, Seppi. So cute, well behaved

Each museum guest gets a signed and “pawed” card from the owners...

Paw prints and signatures of the owners. Cute and a nice gift...

Our ship was docked right there at the merge of Three Rivers.

About Passau, city of Three Rivers.

About the Danube

About the River Inn

About the River Ilz

We explored the Italianate-style streets of Passau, where three major European rivers have converged to shape a distinctive city. We met our local guide and began our walking tour through delightful old-world streets, taking in a pastel rainbow of building facades as you stroll. We saw the impressive Bishops’ Residenz from where powerful prince-bishops ruled secular and religious life for hundreds of years. Continuing past the 14th-century Rathaus, or Town Hall, built on the site of a former fish market on the Danube. We concluded our walk at the magnificent 17th-century St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This baroque wonder houses Europe’s largest pipe organ, with more than 17,000 pipes, which inspired Liszt to write his “Hungarian Coronation Mass.” At the time of the tour ending, another church service was beginning, so went in and joined the service and listened to the wonderful organ.

Along the way, our guide pointed out the building which houses the “Museum of the Dauchshound”. We looked at each other and spoke in unison, “Gotta Go!” So, when the guided tour was finished we found our way back to the museum, paid the small fee, 5 Euros@. It’s a small, well laid out museum dedicated to this unique, cute, dog that traces its origins to this town.

Afterward, we were hungry and found a nice restaurant with delicious coffees, bakery goods and meats. Yummy!

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